Talk by Chrysoula Stathakopoulou

Abstract: After carefully breaking down the consensus problem, designing a protocol allowing high throughput and low-latency becomes easier than ever, if one finds the right abstraction that is both powerful and simple. This talk introduces BBCA (Byzantine Broadcast with Complete-Adopt), a novel broadcast primitive which builds on top of Consistent Broadcast an interactive Complete-Adopt API which allows nodes to probe its internal state. We discuss how to leverage BBCA to build high-throughput and low latency consensus on a DAG and show how this design evolves from state of the art DAG based protocols.

Bio: Chrysoula Stathakopoulou is a blockchain and distributed systems researcher at Chainlink Labs, passionate about decentralizing computation and trust with highly performant systems. Before joining Chainlink Labs, she worked at the blockchain group in IBM research focusing on consensus protocols. Her academic journey culminated in the successful completion of a PhD program at ETH Zurich.