Monika Henzinger Joins ViSP

We are very happy to welcome Monika Henzinger at ViSP!

Monika Henzinger is a professor of Computer Science at the University Wien since 2009, where she leads the research group for Theory and Applications of Algorithms.

In her academic career, she has received – among many other awards – two highly competitive ERC advanced grants, and most recently the Wittgenstein-Award, the most prestigious science award of Austria.

In her research, Monika Henzinger is working on algorithms to process large amounts of data. While efficiency of these algorithms is crucial, Monika Henzinger also puts a strong focus on privacy. Her goal is to guarantee through mathematical proofs that no information about individuals can be learnt from the results of the algorithms.

Monika Henzinger. Source:Daniel Novotny/FWF

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