System Security

System Security deals with security and privacy of systems and applications. This includes hardware devices, operating systems, as well as mobile, computer and and web applications.

Wolfgang Kastner
Wolfgang Kastner
Professor (TU Wien) ↗
Martina Lindorfer
Martina Lindorfer
Professor (TU Wien) ↗
Matteo Maffei
Matteo Maffei
Professor (TU Wien) ↗
Gerald Quirchmayr
Gerald Quirchmayr
Professor (Uni Wien) ↗
Edgar Weippl
Edgar Weippl
Professor (Uni Wien) ↗

An Approach to Supporting Militia Collaboration in Disaster Relief Through a Digital Environment. Philipp Hechenberger, Günter Fahrnberger, Gerald Quirchmayr (I4CS)
Applying High-Performance Bioinformatics Tools for Outlier Detection in Log Data. Markus Wurzenberger, Florian Skopik, Roman Fiedler, Wolfgang Kastner (eprint)
Heads in the Clouds - Measuring the Implications of Universities Migrating to Public Clouds. Tobias Fiebig, Seda Gürses, Carlos Hernandez Gañán, Erna Kotkamp, Fernando Kuipers, Martina Lindorfer, Menghua Prisse, Taritha Sari (eprint)
Security, Trust and Privacy - Challenges for Community-Oriented ICT Support. Gerald Quirchmayr (I4CS)
Tunnelling and Mirroring Operational Technology Data with IP-based Middlewares. Patrick Denzler, Daniel Ramsauer, Wolfgang Kastner (ICIT)
Actively Probing Routes for Tor AS-Level Adversaries with RIPE Atlas. Wilfried Mayer, Georg Merzdovnik, Edgar R. Weippl (SEC)
Can I Take Your Subdomain? Exploring Related-Domain Attacks in the Modern Web. Marco Squarcina, Mauro Tempesta, Lorenzo Veronese, Stefano Calzavara, Matteo Maffei (eprint)
Creating Character-based Templates for Log Data to Enable Security Event Classification. Markus Wurzenberger, Georg Höld, Max Landauer, Florian Skopik, Wolfgang Kastner (AsiaCCS)
Editorial - Special issue on security and privacy in smart cyber-physical systems. Lotfi Ben Othmane, Doug Jacobson, Edgar R. Weippl (Comput. Secur.)
Flexible Safety Systems for Smart Manufacturing. Dieter Etz, Thomas Frühwirth, Wolfgang Kastner (ETFA)
FlowPrint - Semi-Supervised Mobile-App Fingerprinting on Encrypted Network Traffic. Thijs van Ede, Riccardo Bortolameotti, Andrea Continella, Jingjing Ren, Daniel J. Dubois, Martina Lindorfer, David R. Choffnes, Maarten van Steen, Andreas Peter (NDSS)
HydRand - Efficient Continuous Distributed Randomness. Philipp Schindler, Aljosha Judmayer, Nicholas Stifter, Edgar R. Weippl (IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy)
Ontology-Based Model Identification of Industrial Energy Systems. Gernot Steindl, Wolfgang Kastner (ISIE)
Open Monitoring Platform for Mobile Broadband. Wolfgang Hofer, Philipp Svoboda, Wolfgang Kastner, Vaclav Raida, Markus Rupp (VTC Spring)
RandRunner - Distributed Randomness from Trapdoor VDFs with Strong Uniqueness. Philipp Schindler, Aljosha Judmayer, Markus Hittmeir, Nicholas Stifter, Edgar R. Weippl (eprint)
Semantics for Cyber-Physical Systems - A cross-domain perspective. Marta Sabou, Stefan Biffl, Alfred Einfalt, Lukas Krammer, Wolfgang Kastner, Fajar J. Ekaputra (Semantic Web)
SoK - a taxonomy for anomaly detection in wireless sensor networks focused on node-level techniques. Dominik Widhalm, Karl M. Göschka, Wolfgang Kastner (ARES)
TXTing 101 - Finding Security Issues in the Long Tail of DNS TXT Records. Olivier van der Toorn, Roland van Rijswijk-Deij, Tobias Fiebig, Martina Lindorfer, Anna Sperotto (EuroS&P Workshops)
Towards Data-Driven Malfunctioning Detection in Public and Industrial Power Grids. David Fellner, Helfried Brunner, Thomas I. Strasser, Wolfgang Kastner (ETFA)
When Malware is Packin' Heat; Limits of Machine Learning Classifiers Based on Static Analysis Features. Hojjat Aghakhani, Fabio Gritti, Francesco Mecca, Martina Lindorfer, Stefano Ortolani, Davide Balzarotti, Giovanni Vigna, Christopher Kruegel (NDSS)
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A Quantitative Evaluation of Trust in the Quality of Cyber Threat Intelligence Sources. Thomas Schaberreiter, Veronika Kupfersberger, Konstantinos Rantos, Arnolnt Spyros, Alexandros Papanikolaou, Christos Ilioudis, Gerald Quirchmayr (ARES)
A Versatile Security Layer for AutomationML. Bernhard Brenner, Edgar R. Weippl, Andreas Ekelhart (INDIN)
AECID-PG - A Tree-Based Log Parser Generator To Enable Log Analysis. Markus Wurzenberger, Max Landauer, Florian Skopik, Wolfgang Kastner (IM)
Analysis of the Internals of MySQL/InnoDB B+ Tree Index Navigation from a Forensic Perspective. Peter Kieseberg, Sebastian Schrittwieser, Peter Frühwirt, Edgar R. Weippl (ICSSA)
Assuring Compliance with Protection Profiles with ThreatGet. Magdy El Sadany, Christoph Schmittner, Wolfgang Kastner (SAFECOMP Workshops)
AutoHoney(I)IoT - Automated Device Independent Honeypot Generation of IoT and Industrial IoT Devices. Christian Kudera, Georg Merzdovnik, Edgar R. Weippl (ERCIM News)
Avoiding Risky Designs When Using Blockchain Technologies in Cyber-Physical Systems. Nicholas Stifter, Matthias Eckhart, Bernhard Brenner, Edgar R. Weippl (ETFA)
Conclusion and Outlook on Security and Quality of Complex Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering. Stefan Biffl, Matthias Eckhart, Arndt Lüder, Edgar R. Weippl (Security and Quality in Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering)
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Security Related Technical Debt in the Cyber-Physical Production Systems Engineering Process. Bernhard Brenner, Edgar R. Weippl, Andreas Ekelhart (IECON)
Toward the Ontology-Based Security Verification and Validation Model for the Vehicular Domain. Abdelkader Magdy Shaaban, Christoph Schmittner, Gerald Quirchmayr, A. Baith Mohamed, Thomas Gruber, Erich Schikuta (ICONIP)
TrojanZero - Switching Activity-Aware Design of Undetectable Hardware Trojans with Zero Power and Area Footprint. Imran Hafeez Abbassi, Faiq Khalid, Semeen Rehman, Awais Mehmood Kamboh, Axel Jantsch, Siddharth Garg, Muhammad Shafique (DATE)